Airbnb Savings

Taking The World By Storm

Ever since Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia formed Airbnb in 2007 it’s seen a meteoric rise in popularity and has quickly come to rival the out-of-date Hospitality Industry.

With the ability to rent homes for sometimes the fraction of the price of a standard hotel, it’s no wonder that the hotel industry is shaking in their boots. A recent study published by Florida State University found that Airbnb preferred over Hotels, as well as that Airbnb’s growth is even affecting hotel prices and revenues.

In fact, hotels have seen a steady decline in both occupancy rates and revenue, with no end in sight. With the amount of homes listed on Airbnb increasing by 100% in 2019 alone, your options are practically endless. Whether you’re looking to rent a Private Room, a Home, a Lodge, or even a Farm, there really is something on Airbnb for everyone.

Supply & Demand

There are now over six million listings on Airbnb throughout 81,000 cities worldwide. Let me repeat that. Six million listings; it becomes clear why the hotel industry is struggling to keep up.

In fact, room prices at midscale hotels can and most often are more expensive than the typical Airbnb. This means that with Airbnb you get more bang for your buck, having a larger living space while spending less money. Who can resist that?

There are now more Airbnb listings than there are Hotels. That’s because practically anybody can make money on Airbnb by renting out your home. Normal people like you and I are renting out our homes for just a few days of the month, and can practically pay off the monthly mortgage with rental costs alone.

More and more people are choosing Airbnb over hotels for the amount they save

A Completely Different Experience

I know that when going on a vacation with my family I’d rather be spending less money for a larger living space. To be cooped up in a small hotel room with children can be tiresome to say the least.

Hotels will provide you with fresh towels, and can order yourselves room service, but that doesn’t quite make up for the fact that it’s still a cramped hotel room.

Being able to rent out an entire house to yourselves is an absolute blessing. Your kids can watch TV in one room, while you prepare food in your kitchen, and your significant other tans outside.

The days of being woken up by noisy hotel guests at the pool are over. You also won’t have to worry about crossing paths with strangers in a crowded elevator while going to your car.

Take a look at our article all about why Airbnb is better than Hotels. From them being more convenient, quieter, more spacious, a handful of other reasons, it really is a no-brainer.

Finding Your Dream Airbnb

If this is your first time staying at an Airbnb, we suggest you take a look at our first timer’s guide on how to use Airbnb. To find your perfect vacation spot it’s always suggested that you do your research before you book anything.

You don’t want to book a Home through Airbnb just to find a better listing and have to cancel. That will both negatively affect your rating as a Guest, but will also give the Host a harder time finding someone to fill your spot.

That’s why we recommend reading about how to find the best places to stay on Airbnb. In this article we outline how to use Airbnb’s “Filters”, letting you search for homes down to the smallest detail. Does this home have a fireplace, pool, hot tub, and plenty of other amenities? These are all things you can search for.

Wouldn’t you rather stay here than in a hotel?

Spending Less Money On Vacations

Many people wonder if Airbnb is actually cheaper than traditional vacations. The answer really depends on exactly how luxurious you feel like being.

The majority of the homes you’ll find listed on Airbnb are extremely fairly priced. However, if you’re booking a massive home you may end up paying a bit more than a hotel.

The Real Question

So finally, we just have to ask… Is it better to use Airbnb than staying at a hotel? The answer is absolutely, yes.

But it’s not just the cost that makes it worth it. Everything about an Airbnb is more appealing than hotels, from the quiet spaces to the spacious rooms. So when you’re considering your next vacation, don’t forget to stop by Airbnb first. You’ll be saving a ton of money in the process!

Bon voyage!