Airbnb Advice – Airbnb vs Hotels and The Clear Winner

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The Airbnb business model is very simple: Guests and Hosts can exchange housing for money. Just like a Hotel, Airbnb allows you to book your trip, however Airbnb is unique because it allows you to rent somebody’s entire home (or a large portion of it). Most people love Airbnb because of the unique experience that just can’t get at the traditional Hotel. Sit tight while we list off a few reasons why staying at an Airbnb is way better than staying at a Hotel.

They’re Cheaper

Most people prefer Airbnb not only because they are convenient but because they are by far much cheaper. It tend to cost less than Hotels but the quality of service that you get is almost the same, if not better. People who are on a tight budget can save on the cost without having to compromise on quality. Airbnb gives you an opportunity to rent somebody’s whole home, a factor that makes it cheaper especially for big groups.

Airbnb vs Hotels
A price comparison of Airbnb vs Hotels

They’re Convenient

Sometimes you may want to book a vacation that’s close to your relatives, or in close proximity to shopping malls or restaurants you may want to try. If you turn to Hotels, you may not easily find one that is located close enough for your liking. Airbnb is Hosted by regular people, and that means that there are homes scattered all across most cities. It’s a great option for people who are looking for a location that is close to atypical attractions.

They’re Quieter

You can breathe easy know what you won’t be woken up in the morning by Hotel Guests walking around in the hallway. You’ll have the entire home to yourself, and unlike in a Hotel you won’t have to worry about walking riding the elevator with strangers. Not to mention that with an Airbnb you’ll have your own parking spot so you won’t have to worry about where you’ll park after coming home from shopping.

Airbnb Sleep
This is you, asleep at your Airbnb

They’re More Spacious

Let’s face it, Hotel aren’t very generous with their space. Most of them are pretty small that can’t accommodate a whole family comfortably. It’s not unheard of that large families need to book 2-3 Hotel rooms to accommodate everyone. The few that are spacious are very expensive and beyond reach for most people. If you’re planning a family vacation and are looking for a place that can comfortably accommodate the whole family, then Airbnb is definitely the platform for you. There you’ll get get a spacious home with more than enough room for everybody. The vast majority of Airbnb are equipped with full kitchens, dining areas, and some land for the kids to play on.

Opportunity to Experience Local Life

Staying in an Airbnb gives you an opportunity to experience local life. You get that rare opportunity to blend with the local community and learn their way of life. It gives you that rare chance to interact with the local people and learn their rich culture and other small details that you wouldn’t learn if you choose to stay in a secluded Hotel.

Airbnb Local Life
Hiking near our Airbnb Rental

Privacy and Security

Most people usually think that Hotels are more secure than Airbnb, however that’s not necessarily the case. A recent study conducted by an independent institution revealed that AirBnB is by far more secure than Hotels. Hotels tend to be more secluded, potentially leaving you in areas prone to violence or robberies. Alternatively, Airbnb’s tend to be in residential areas, making them less vulnerable to attacks. It’s not uncommon for modern homes are outfitted with security system and the latest smart doorbell technology. As your Hosts if they have any security features if you’re not feeling safe.

In Conclusion

Before arriving at your Airbnb you may want to brush up on how to be a great Airbnb Guest.

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb before? We’d love to hear all about your experience in the Comment section down below. Did you prefer it to a Hotel experience? Let us know, and happy travels!

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