Airbnb Advice – Your First Time Trying Airbnb

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Now that you’re ready to stay at an Airbnb, we thought you’d appreciate a few tips to getting the most out of your Airbnb experience. Being a good Guest is as easy as it sounds, but we figured there may be a few things that slip your mind, so we wrote them down for you.

Create an Appealing Airbnb Profile

Creating a full Airbnb Profile is a the first thing you should do after registering your account. Most Airbnb Hosts want to make sure that they’ll be renting out their home to someone they can trust. Take a picture of yourself and write a little description as to who you are and what you enjoy doing. Show the Host that you’re a real person that’s serious about booking a reservation.

Remember to attach a form of payment to your account so your Host knows that you intend to book. They’ll take your questions more seriously because they know you went the extra mile to prove you’re a potential customer.

Always Read Reviews Before Booking

Your Host is there to give you as much information about their home and area as possible, and likely answer the same questions again and again. An experienced Host will often include details on their Airbnb page listing great activities you can do while you’re visiting.

Even if you’ve found a home that looks perfect, make sure that you read the reviews (good and bad). The picturesque view you were expecting may be squandered by new construction, or you can be kept up at night by busy streets and loud neighbors. Reading the reviews will keep you from booking a less-than-average vacation, simply because you’ll have done your homework.

Airbnb Reviews
An example of an Airbnb Review

Communicate Openly with your Host

Before you confirm the booking process you’ll have to establish a base relationship with your future Host. Most of the time you won’t be able to book without the Host’s approval. It’s always good to let your Host know why you’re traveling and what you intend to use their home for.

In the end the Host has the final say in the matter. It’s up to them whether they let you stay at their home or not, so as long as you have good intentions, there should be no issue.

If ever you experience any issues with the home while you’re there, be sure to contact your Host instead of simply leaving a negative review at the end. Once you’ve confirmed your booking, you’ll be given the Host’s contact information and address. You should never feel shy about getting in touch with them if there’s something wrong. Your Host is there to make sure that you have the best experience possible, and are always willing to do everything in their power to provide help, within reason.

Be Respectful of your Host’s Home

This isn’t a Hotel. When staying at a Hotel you don’t need to worry about being too messy, not making your bed, or leaving the bathrooms in disarray.

However, somebody is gracious enough to let you stay in their home, eat with their cutlery, and use their bathrooms. As such it’s imperative that during your stay you treat everything as respectfully as you can. We’re not trying to say that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, and that a bit of a mess isn’t allowed, but please, clean up after yourselves before you leave. Remember, the Host also gets to leave a review for you as the Client, and other Airbnb Hosts make sure they check your reviews too!

Remember to tidy up before leaving!

Though Optional, Tips Can Be Nice

Even though nothing is expected, it’s always nice to leave a little something for your Host after you leave. Whether that’s a bottle of wine, a book, or even a little bit of cash, it’s always nice to provide your Host with something as a token of your appreciation. Remember, your Host will have to tidy up their entire house to make it livable for the next Guest.

Leaving a Fair Review after Leaving

After your stay, always leave a review. Regardless of if it’s positive or negative, it’s important because:

  • You help your Host understand what you did and didn’t enjoy about your stay
  • It helps future Guests make a more informed decision for their vacation

Always try to be as fair and detailed as you can be. Remember, Hosting through Airbnb is how some people make their living. You should always try to be conscientious with your words. Remember, you’ll be negatively affecting their future business by doing so.

Thanks for taking the time to give this a read, and enjoy your first vacation with Airbnb!

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