Airbnb Advice – How to Find the Best Places to Stay

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Airbnb has quickly risen to be one of the most well-respected platforms for future travelers. With hundreds of beautiful homes to choose from in nearly every city, it’s no wonder thousands of new people are joining the platform every day.

We wanted to give you a few tips and tricks to finding the best place to stay when you decide to go on vacation, so you can snag the property you want before someone else does. Airbnb gives you the ability to apply Filters to your search, so you can quickly pin-point the types of places you’d be comfortable with before making your final decision.

Instant Book

Airbnb has a filter called “Instant Book”. Choosing this option will allow you to book a reservation without getting the approval of your Airbnb Host first. People use this option if they want to make sure they can secure their booking before anyone else. Though handy, the majority of Airbnb Hosts won’t have this option enabled since they’ll want to manually approve who stay at in home. As a result, enabling the “Instant Book” filter will leave you with fewer options for booking your trip.

Trip Type

Are you traveling with your family, and want to be sure that your Airbnb booking has all the essentials? The “For Families” filter lets Airbnb know to scope out full homes with great reputations that have things like a kitchen and TV.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling for business you can always apply the “For Work” filter. This way you’ll be shown a list of homes that contain everything you’ll need to get your work done, including a workspace, WiFi, and self check-in.

Price Range

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget, or are willing to dish out hundreds of dollars per night, there are more than enough homes to accommodate you. Airbnb’s “Price Range” filter lets you to determine how much you’re comfortable spending per night. These prices can range anywhere between $13 per night up to and exceeding $1,500.

A quick look at some Filters you can apply to your search

Home Type

Airbnb also gives you the ability to determine what type of home you’re looking to stay in. If you’re on vacation with your family chances are you’ll want to rent out the entire home, but if you want to save a few bucks you have a few options that can drastically decrease the price you’ll be paying:

  • “Entire Place” means you get the entire house to yourself, and your Host won’t be around
  • “Private Room” will give you your own room, as well as some common spaces to share with others
  • “Hotel Room” means you’ll be looking for a private or shared room in a hostel, or boutique hotel
  • “Shared Room” is the least appealing option in my opinion, where you’ll be staying in a shared common space

Depending on the Home Type you choose, the prices will quite obviously vary. If you’re going to be renting an entire home you can easily assume that it will cost a few times more than if you were renting out a shared room.

Rooms & Bed

If you’re traveling with large groups you’re going to want to know that there will be enough beds and washrooms for everyone. Because of this, Airbnb has added filters where you can specify the minimum amount of each that you’ll require. You don’t want to book a reservation just to find out that everybody will have to share one bed!


If you or someone you’re traveling with has mobility issues, you can always choose some of the “Accessibility Needs” filters, which allows you to check off a variety of required features, such as:

  • Step-free access
  • A well-lit path to the entrance
  • A wide doorway for wheelchair access
  • A flat path to the front door
  • Whether or not the home should include an elevator
  • Grab bars for the shower/toilet
  • Disabled Parking Spot

Airbnb has gone out of their way to ensure that every visitor will be properly cared for if they have special needs, as long as you properly use their Filters.

Just because we have issues with mobility doesn’t mean we don’t get to appreciate Airbnb


I know that when I stay at an Airbnb for an extended period of time, my wife and I wanted to make sure that we have access to a washer and dryer so that we can wash our clothes. That’s just one of the many amenities that you can decide to check off when applying your search filters. Other optional amenities include things like air conditioning, WiFi, an indoor fireplace, TVs, and plenty more.


If you’re looking to go on a nice relaxing vacation, nothing helps you unwind quite like a hot tub. That happens to be my personal favorite facility that I usually look for when booking through Airbnb. Maybe hot tubs aren’t your thing, but there are other facilities like pools and gyms you can choose.

Property Type

Obviously not every property listed on Airbnb is going to be a home, and sometimes that’s not what you want. If you want a quiet time in the country, you may prefer a Cabin or a Cottage. If you’re in a more residential area you may want to stay in a House, or a bed and breakfast. With the Property Type filter, all of these decisions are just one click away. There are plenty of other Property Types, including Resorts, Lofts, or even more unique homes like Barns or Boats. There really is something for everyone!

Who doesn’t love being woken up by roosters at 5am?

House Rules

Do you want to bring your dog with you? Are you a smoker who doesn’t want to go outside in the winter months just for a smoke? It’s very important that you check the House Rules before you make your reservation. If you smoke in a non-smoker’s house, you could face cleaning costs in excess of $200! By using the “House Rules” filter you can easily check off whether pets should be allowed, if you can smoke inside, or even if that property will be accepting of events being thrown.

Final Thoughs

Airbnb has gone out of their way to make sure that everybody is able to find the type of property that suits them specifically. By properly using the Filters, you’ll be able to quickly the property you were dreaming of staying in.

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