Airbnb Advice – Is Airbnb Cheaper Than Traditional Vacations?

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Many travelers are torn between staying at a traditional Hotel or trying Airbnb for the first time. The Hospitality industry has been completely revamped based on new standards set by applications like Airbnb.

While many people still opt for Hotels, it’s likely because they simply don’t know what they’re missing out on. There are plenty of advantages that come with using Airbnb, the biggest being getting the most of your money. As Airbnb continues to spread to many countries, it’s becoming clear that it’s the way of the future.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should be seriously considering Airbnb for your next vacation:

Renting a Room vs Renting a Home

Traditional Hotels charge for individual rooms in a large building while Airbnb charges for an entire house, villa or cottage. It’s like buying things in a store vs wholesale. When you rent out an entire home with two or three bedrooms, you pay less while accommodating more people. In a Hotel you may need to rent multiple rooms just to ensure each person has a place to sleep.

Airbnb is cheaper than hotels

Tips vs No Tips

Hotels offer services like room cleaning, food delivery, and laundry. These services are handled by Hotel employees on standby, and regardless of them being salaried, it’s become common practice to tip after a service is performed. It’s very likely that you’ll be paying lots of unplanned money just to thank them for cleaning up. With Airbnb, since you’re renting a home to yourself, there won’t be any staff on-hand. Doing your own laundry and making your own bed will result in saving a ton of money that would have been otherwise used on tipping.

“Thanks opening the door, here’s $5”

Parking Fees

Most Hotels, especially those located in busy towns will charge parking fees for valets and parking lots. These parking fees can range from $20 to 50$ per night depending on the Hotel’s rating. As for Airbnb, they’re located in neighborhoods where locals live and park their cars without paying for extra security. Your Host will therefore allow you to use the parking space if it’s available at no cost. If you’re looking for a guaranteed free parking spot, make sure you check the “Free parking on premises” when applying Filters to your Airbnb search.

Restaurant Food vs Kitchens

If you decide to stay at a Hotel, you’re likely to eat from the restaurant downstairs or around town. Dining at restaurants every day can get ridiculously expensive very quickly, especially when traveling with your family. If Hotels leave fridge in your room, it’s likely very small and not enough room to hold enough food to last a few days. That means you’ll be dining out very often. It’s not unlikely that you can spend up to $100 per day just on food.

However, if you’re renting an Airbnb, you’ll get a full kitchen to cook your meals, with a fridge large enough to stock up for your entire vacation. Cooking will not only save you money if you’re traveling as a group, but it will also be a healthier option. That’s not to say you won’t eat out occasionally, and your Host will be able to suggest you plenty of local restaurants.

A nice family dinner is a lot more fun when it’s not in a noisy restaurant

WiFi Packages

WiFi is a basic need for travelers. You’ll need it to find shopping malls, to watch movies, and to get in touch with people back home. Unfortunately, Hotel WiFi doesn’t usually come cheap. A lot of Hotels will charge between $10 to $20 per night. To add insult to injury, the WiFi signal may not be as strong as expected, and can be slowed down by all of the Hotel’s Guests using the same connection. It’s also common to have a lousy connection because of how far away your room is from their router.

WiFi at an Airbnb will not only be free, but it will also be stronger, and will have fewer people using it, so your connection is likely to be faster than that of a Hotel.

Before You Go

Overall, Airbnb is a less costly option for travelers. An actual example would a private Airbnb room in a condominium in Thailand costing $43 dollars per night. The room hosts 2 Guests in a one bedroom space, a private bath, hot tub, WiFi, elevator, TV, free parking, free gym, free pool and an indoor fireplace. This package has close to 300 reviews and an overall 4.9 star rating. The 5 star rated Four Seasons Resort in Thailand, which offers similar amenities in Thailand costs $106 per night. This price difference clearly shows how much Airbnb can save a traveler. It’s about simple things which skyrocket your overall spending by the end of your vacation.

Did we forget to include any reasons as to why Airbnb is cheaper than a traditional Hotel? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences down in the Comment section below. Thanks for reading, and happy travels!

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