Airbnb Advice – Things To Know Before You Try Airbnb

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I remember my state of shock after having discovered Airbnb. It was something my long brother recommended that I try, but my reasoning was that at least with a Hotel you know exactly what you’ll be getting. My hard-headed attitude would have kept me cooped up in a small Hotel room for 7 days, and cost me a small fortune in the process. Ater 5 minutes of searching on Airbnb I had already found a beautiful home to stay at. The kicker? I could stay 3 days longer, and I’d spend $500 less than had I stayed at a Hotel. My mind was officially blown.

Airbnb Is Quickly Becoming How Everyone Books Their Vacations

Let’s face it, Hotels are a way of the past. Whether it’s their ridiculously high prices with constant additional fees, the long wait times at reception, the lack of available parking, or dealing with loud and obnoxious Guests, it can be an absolute nightmare to handle. With Airbnb you have the option of renting an entire home to yourself, it usually comes with with free on premises parking, and even an option for self check-in. Say goodbyte to the frustrating days of waiting, just walk into your home and get comfortable.

Better Rates Than At A Hotel

We’re not saying that staying at an Airbnb is always going to be cheaper than a Hotel, because some Airbnb’s can be listed at over $1,000 per night, but you’re almost always guaranteed to find an available home on Airbnb that’s the same price if not cheaper than a Hotel.

Let’s not forget that at a Hotel you’re not just paying for the room, but for every additional detail you may have thought was previously free. Want a parking spot? You can be paying $15 per day at a Hotel. Looking to use their WiFi? It’s not uncommon for some Hotels to charge $10-20 per day. And forget about ordering room service. Ridiculously high food prices, plus having to tip afterwards. Talk about burning a hole in your pocket.

Once You Go Airbnb, You Never Go Back To Hotels, You See?

The comfort, solitude, and spaciousness of an Airbnb is something you’ll be coming back for time after time. I know that after having experienced Airbnb first-hand I’ll certainly never be booking with a Hotel again. We’ve even put together a list of reasons why Airbnb are better than Hotels.

To wake up and be able to walk to your own kitchen to prepare breakfast, moving to the living room to relax in front of the TV, while sitting in front of the fireplace is something I know I’ll never be able to get at a Hotel. But with Airbnb? It’s as simple as checking off the “TV” and “Indoor fireplace” Amenities when searching for your home, and voila! We’ve even prepared an article to help you find the best homes on Airbnb to stay in.

Unrivaled Support

Unlike in a Hotel, who are used to dealing with hundreds of Guests at any given time, it’s in an Airbnb Host’s best interests to keep their Guests satisfied. That’s because your happiness directly affects their Rating, which in-turn affects how much business they’re going to get. As a result, you’ve very likely to experience an Airbnb Host who is eager to cater to whatever requests you may have.

Happy Travels

It’s no surprise that Airbnb now has over 150 million users, and over 5 million homes listed in 191 Countries. And there are even more impressive statistics than that! That’s a lot of people! With how easy Airbnb is to use it’s no wonder that so many people have hopped on the bandwagon and now use it exclusively to book their vacations.

Have you ever vacationed with Airbnb before? What did you think about your experience? Would you use Airbnb again, or would you go back to staying at Hotels? We’d love to hear your opinion in the Comment section below. Thanks again for reading, and happy travels!

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